About This Project — Why do this?

On 18 March 2011 starting with the seed of thought and gratitude in the heart of one person — a daughter trying to help her father with his current depression from long term unemployment, financial despair, poor health and living conditions, dislexia, separation and failed relationships, low self-esteem, ideations of self harm, loss, abandonment and many other issues — got him each day to write down just one thing he was grateful for, and do this for 40 days. She extended this to have him send her an email each day outlining what he was grateful for, in abid to ensure commitment and success.

From there, in her father's mind the concept had ignited. Her father realised although he may not help himself, he could and would help the lives of others. Helping other people before that of himself always seemed to be what he was better suited at anyway — it was just the story of his life.

So from the spawning of an idea, counsultation between the father, his daughter and son, this website was born with one main goal in mind — to help humanity through coperation and a positive shift in the mind.

It was decided from the outset that this be a humanitariun project fuelled by community participation for the good of the world community.

Lifting up the awareness and consciousness of people by having them realise how much they really do have at any one time, and then be truly grateful for this, will hopefully give a positive boost to the health, prosperity, connectedness and advancement of all people and humanity as a whole.

It's also a litmus test as to the health and attitudes of our nations, for the more grateful we are as individuals, the healthier and more peaceful we become. In turn, a true collective aspiration to help another on a higher conscious level will be born, ridding poverty of the mind and soul, opening up mankind for an even brighter future.

Through using this service, writing, receiving and viewing words of gratitude on a daily basis far across the globe, our hope for people is they reach a place of eternal gratification in their state of mind and being. With so much to be grateful for and the abundance spread to every living soul, in time not a single person will care about what they don't have, let alone be able to entertain such a thought.

Only through being truly grateful for all you do have, will you discover the key to life — for gratitude opens the door, behind where all riches lay.