1. All correspondence in these privacy terms and conditions may hereafter refer to as "I am so grateful" or its abbreviated form "IMSG".
  2. The word "user" or "subscriber" or their plural and derivitives, or similar words in meaning, may refer to any person, individual or organisation visiting, viewing or subscribing to this website.
  3. If you as the user are uncomfortable with giving out your full name, first and/or last name in the Name textbox, other options to safeguard your privacy if you feel there is a need to do so, can be achieved by only using your first name, initials, first name with first letter of last name, an alias and so on.
  4. The nature of this service will make public to users certain information via email and on the website. This information is comprised of your grateful comment, name and region details such as City, State and Country, with the latter regional information being obtained automatically. Outside these requirements, your email address and any other personal information you provide to us will be kept in the strictest confidence, not made public nor given intentionally to any third parties, unless you are specifically notified this will be the case.
  5. Upon subscribing with your personal details a confirmation email will be forwarded to the recipient of that email address. Confirmation is achieved by clicking the link giving acceptance that you wish to use this service, are the registered owner of that email address and accompanying particulars, and as such agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  6. As a user, any information you place on this website (like any website) is regarded as being in the public domain. It is thus accessible for use by any user or surfer of the internet or third parties. IMSG cannot be held responsible for your information once it has been made public.
  7. Whilst every effort will be made by IMSG to screen gratitude comments and ensure all material passing through this website does not contain any form of abuse or inappropriate language, IMSG will not be held responsible nor accept liability for the wrongdoing, misuse and harmful actions of others, and trust all users of this site to be responsible. If such language offends any user in any way you are requested to notify us immediately.
  8. As a community not for profit service designed for the good of all humanity, it is such FREE to its users and subscribers.
  9. It is requested and understood that you have read and agreed to these terms before submitting any information.
  10. IMSG may vary these Terms and Conditions at their discretion without notice or obligation to anyone. However, if IMSG believes any changes will affect you as a subscriber and your information, you will of course be notified.
  11. IMSG wishes you last but not least, that all your family and friends enjoy a wonderful experience on this website, and that all good things come to you. May the love, peace and kindness in your heart spread inwardly and outwardly to all of humanity.